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We pay £5000 to a minimum of £500 per scrap car.

Karen VickeryKaren Vickery
15:01 27 Apr 23
very friendly and proffesional. came a picked up our car quicky. very helpful when we left something in the car, we retrived quickly from him. would use again,
12:37 14 Jan 23
Picked up my car despite only coming back from holiday a few hours before. Quick, friendly service. Highly recommend.
Wendy MthunziWendy Mthunzi
13:27 06 Jan 23
Wow.. super quick service, from phone call to cash in hand, all in the space or 45mins.. Thanks guys.
James DeaneJames Deane
14:14 20 Jan 22
Very good service called them up was there to collect the car in around 30 minutes cash in hand all done! Thank you!
Kyle Van RooiKyle Van Rooi
15:19 03 Nov 17
The quickest collection and payout by far. It was my first ever collection but all this in a very fast turn around time! great Service.

Car Recycling Wallington

As vehicle collection, car recycling Wallington and scrapping professionals in Wallington, we believe it is our responsibility to be as environmentally conscious as possible. As a result, we strive to recycle any reusable parts from the end of life vehicles we scrap. This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also saves you money. Over the years, our team has worked hard to improve our car recycling process, making it even more affordable and eco-friendly.

Recycling reusable parts is the most responsible and cost-effective way to scrap your vehicle as it reduces the need to manufacture new vehicle parts. It also saves money and valuable resources. We are constantly striving to ensure that our process is as cost-effective and sustainable as possible.

At Scrap Cars Wallington, we boast a highly skilled team of mechanics with years of experience in vehicle scrapping and car recycling. We professionally assess, dismantle, and clean any recyclable parts from your unwanted vehicle before it is scrapped. We also ensure that all pollutants, such as catalysts, brake fluid, fuel, batteries, and more are extracted before the recycling process.

It is our goal to provide an environmentally friendly service to the Croydon and Wallington communities with highly competitive pricing. We aim to reduce the amount of automobile waste to help keep our community clean.

Car Recycling Wallington

At Scrap Cars Wallington, we aim to carry out every step of the car recycling process according to the strictest regulations and legislation. We take great care to recycle as much of your end of life vehicle as possible, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe, eco-friendly process from start to finish. To get in touch with us about collecting, recycling or scrapping your vehicle, call us on 08007471529.

Our Scrapping and Car Recycling Wallington Process


At Scrap Cars Wallington, we aim to carry out every step of the car recycling process according to the strictest regulations and legislation. We take great care to recycle as much of your end of life vehicle as possible, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe, eco-friendly process from start to finish. Our comprehensive car recycling process includes:

Depollution involves the safe removal of all the hazardous materials and components as required by the Environmental Agency. The depollution process is essential, as end of life vehicles have elements that could be harmful to people and the environment. These elements include antifreeze, batteries, oil, fuel, coolants, and more, all of which need to be disposed of with great care.

Once our qualified team has depolluted the vehicle, these parts will be passed on to other licensed specialists, who will break them down and reuse them for other purposes, or dispose of them safely.

We will also safely drain all the fluids using tried and tested techniques, including filtration, distillation, and reverse osmosis, ensuring all the vehicles chambers are thoroughly drained.
Every step of the depollution process is carried out according to the highest standards of health and safety and according to the latest governmental regulations for your complete peace of mind.

Dismantling and Recycling
Once all the hazardous pollutants have been removed, we will dismantle the vehicle and recycle all the recyclable components. This process involves:

Recycling Catalytic Converters: The metals in the catalytic converts will be removed and reused in various pharmaceutical and electronic products, or as new catalytic converters.

Recycling Car Tyres 
If the tyres are only partly worn, they can be used again on another vehicle. If they are unable to be reused as tyres, they are often used in their raw form on roadbeds, racetracks, playground mulch, and more.

Recycling Glass:
Glass is a highly versatile material, and due to its composition, it can be recycled over and over again. It has a wide range of uses, from ornaments and tiles to builder’s sand and anything in between.

Our fully qualified team takes great care to dismantle and recycle all the hazardous and non-hazardous components according to the highest standards at all times, ensuring a safe, eco-friendly process from start to finish.

Once the vehicle has been depolluted and dismantled, it will be destroyed. We will crush the metal shell of the car and send it to a metal mill, where it will go through a range of other recycling processes, including:

Magnetic Separation: Usually, the majority of the steel used in cars is magnetic, making it easy to separate this from the other recyclable materials, such as plastic. The plastic is also sorted and sent for recycling and is usually reused as toys, sandwich boxes, drain pipes, and more.

Most vehicles have a thin layer of tin over them that prevents the vehicle from rusting. This layer is removed during a process called detinning, which involves placing the scrap in a hot solution that dissolves the tin coating. The tin can then be recovered in a number of ways, including evaporation and crystallisation, electrolysis, or through the use of hydrous stannic oxide and acid.

Once the stell has been separated and the tin layer removed, the steel is melted down in a furnace. The steel will then be poured into canisters and rolled into new steel flat sheets without losing its strength. This steel can be reused as many things, including construction materials.

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